Happy First Day Back from April Vacation!

Sunday night/last night of school vacation Deanna: “I have all of the school stuff organized, the kids are in bed at a normal time, and tomorrow morning is going to go smoothly.”

Monday morning/first day of school after April vacation Deanna: “Fnjiuagntfneuhagft.” (this roughly translates to: “Why do you get out of bed at dawn during vacation, but suddenly need beauty sleep on a school morning? Where did the backpacks go? How do you only have one shoe!? Yes, I need to do your hair, you look like Don King. Where is the bab….GET THE BOX OF CEREAL AWAY FROM THE BABY BEFORE HE DUMPS…someone clean up the cereal from inside the couch. Did you change your underwear? Yessssss this has to be done DAILY. Why is there chalk on the dog?”)

On the positive side, I am certain that I dropped the right ones off at school. Slightly less certain that they were all wearing socks, but – you can’t win them all. As long as the girl child doesn’t remove a sneaker and take out her teacher with the stench of her feet – I count it as a successful school drop off. (And if she did take off a shoe….well, I am sincerely sorry. And I owe you air fresheners.  And potentially therapy.)

I did get a chance to stop and smell the flowers this morning. Yes, actually. Fleeting reminders that life is beautiful. Even when it does involve stinky feet.



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