Thanks for the reminder, Facebook!

“Congratulations on the anniversary of your engagement!”

Well, that is not something you hear every day. Especially when your engagement was 5 kids, 2 cats, a dog, 60 pounds and 14 years ago.

But, Facebook, the all encompassing tool, wanted to remind me.

Even though Facebook was still a few years away from it’s own inception, it wanted to remind me of that day, 14 years ago, at the Franklin Park Zoo. That day when my boyfriend searched the entire zoo for the monkey exhibit, planning to ask me to spend this rest of my life with “this monkey” – only to realize at the last possible second that the monkey exhibit was closed, and that he was running out of zoo to propose in. That day, when he would say (ever so romantically) as I jumped on some stepping stone type rocks leading to the exit, “Hey, can you get down off of those rocks so that I can ask you to marry me?” That day when I would say yes while gazing over his shoulder at the last exhibit of the zoo, a giant, looming Condor who seemed to want to join in the excitement. Or have a newly engaged couple for lunch.

That day, which was pretty much a premonition of the years to come.

Our home is essentially a zoo. “Stop climbing on that” is repeated like a mantra. And an hour before dinner time, I can gaze over my husband’s shoulders and still catch glimpse of those vultures, circling with the hope of dinner.

By the way – I’d still say yes. animated-vulture-image-0009


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