Things I’ve Said Today – First Week of Summer Vacation Edition

Summer vacation has officially begun! This means that I am home with all five kids, day in and day out, for roughly 74 days. Thus, I have begun my yearly descent into the summertime looniness caused by being constantly surrounded by a small circus of children. I have embraced this looniness by hanging an image of my spirit animal on my window, to keep me grounded.


Yes, my self proclaimed spirit animal is a unicorn, jumping over a rainbow, in a sky filled with cheeseburgers and pizza. My kids have to get their looniness from somewhere, right?

Without further ado, I present to you – the first edition of:

Things I have said today:

Please don’t wear your pancake as a hat.

I need you to get your brother out of the dishwasher.

Don’t put your boogers back in your nose. Have you done that befo…no. Wait. Don’t answer that. Just don’t do it. What do you mean you don’t have anywhere to put it? TISSUES. That is what TISSUES are made for.

How did you get syrup on the inside of your shoe? No, you can’t put it in the dishwasher with your brother. Get your brother out of the dishwasher. Again.

Yes, you need to wear pants to ride your bike. Yes, even if you wear sunscreen.

Please don’t lick the iPad.

Stop trying to swaddle the cat.

**worth noting – I do not actually bathe my toddler in the dishwasher. Much to his dismay.

Happy Summer!


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