Today, I leveled up.

There are times when navigating the parenting journey that you step to the next level. Sometimes these are scenarios where you have faced your greatest fears, times you have accomplished things you didn’t think you had the capability of achieving, or….other.

Today was definitely an “other.”

It started out no differently from any other family outing. A trip to a local craft museum. My husband clinging to our preschoolers hand, lest he careen into a display of delicate glass sculptures, our older children happily prancing from display to display, our toddler strapped to my back in a baby carrier.

Our toddler, whom we had taken blueberry picking the two days prior.

Our toddler, who discovered a love for blueberries.

Our toddler, whose digestive tract did not agree with this new found love of blueberries.

As we walked out the door of the museum, my toddler began squirming uncomfortably, and to my absolute horror – I felt my back suddenly get warm. I had begun to silently beg for it to just be a leaking diaper when the stench hit me. I staggered to the car, nearly blinded by the haze of foul odor, and took my son off of my back. I placed him in the car, and deadpanned to my husband, “There’s poop. I need you to help me.”

As he rounded the car, glancing at our poop-coated toddler, relief emanated from his voice as he assured me that there was none on me.

I reminded him that our son had been on my back, and turned around to lift my cardigan, revealing the shirt underneath.


A few (dozen) wipes and a (rejected) suggestion to drive home topless later, we arrived at our house to shower off the stench of the day.

Sometimes, that next level of parenting falls under the “other” category: surviving things so gross, you don’t even want to imagine that they could happen.

Level. Up.



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