The Slacking Blogger

I really dropped the ball on this blogging thing, huh? Having five kids in three schools and a myriad of after school activities, a few part time jobs and a slew of volunteer positions apparently causes that.

I promise not to slack on the blog again.

I also promise that that may be a lie.

Since the last post: The sweary, pantsless kid has started preschool. His teacher still seems to like me, so I am assuming that means he isn’t dropping too many F bombs in class. I am a bit afraid to ask. None of his classmates have nicknamed him Captain Underpants (yet), so I am taking that as a good sign that he isn’t dropping trou mid-storytime (not that this happens at home or anything…)

The big kid has started middle school. He loves it with every fiber of his being. He is weird. There is a school dance after school today, which he adamantly refuses to go to. When I asked why, I was told that the only reason that he went to the elementary school dance was because “You are on the PTO and you told me to get in the car…”

I have assumed the role of PTO treasurer. This also means that I have become the most hated customer at the bank. Tellers scramble to look busy as I walk to the counter with a screeching hyena (I mean…a stroller containing my toddler), a mountain of checks and a Tupperware container of ones. I joked with yesterdays teller that the next time I came, I was going to yell “make it rain!” and toss the entire deposit in the air so that we could dance under it. He looked horrified. He also looked my sons age. I am pretty sure he went home to his mom and told her that he met a real, live “Bad Moms” character at work today. I fear that he may quit if I go to his window again. We will see tomorrow.

I can’t decide if my lack of ideas for the rest of this post is because I am too busy, or too boring. Thus, I am cutting it off with a lack of writers flair, and will attempt to remember to update before my kid goes to college.





One thought on “The Slacking Blogger

  1. OMG you are hilarious ! I used to see your husband when I went to the post office literally everyday before I broke it off with my fiance . He was such a nice , funny dude ! You are too LOL !


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